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This is for mature roleplayers. You have been warned, so please do not join if you are under 18 years of age. Thank you.

This is a canine - feral animal roleplay. Anything and everything will go here as long as you follow the rules that have been placed.

This is a new site that'll be better and bigger, though in respect and honor, it'll forever miss the sister sites, Lassongra and Dog Days.

A Uncontrolled Chaos That'll Soon Be Unleashed!

7/1 - Welcome! The site is still being worked on, but willing to take members. Rules should be up soon to help you guys get accustomed to the place here. Also you'll be able to post up your characters, talk to others, ask questions. Plot out rps with others to get things warmed up. Over the course of the week, more forums will be posted up where you guys can post.
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1 Races on Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:53 am


These are the races of the site. They'll be in classifications and what they are. Ones that are marked with a * means that they are endangered and there will not be many left - so I don't expect to see hundreds of them. All Feral animals are allowed. Goats, Sheeps, cats, dogs, horses, ect. Whatever you desire to have. Even Hyenas, Lions, Panthers, ect.

Domestic Canines;; These are all the breeds that are available, including mutts and hybrids of any of the breeds that are out there. These are the rare dog breeds that are going to be limited on this site.
Top 20 Rare Dog Breeds:
*;; Tibetan Mastiff
*;; Swedish Vallhund
*;; Bedlington Terrier
*;; Finnish Spitz
*;; Otterhound
*;; Norwegian Lundehund
*;; Chinook
*;; Catahoula Leopard Dog
*;; Peruvian Inca Orchid
*;; Thai Ridgeback
*;; Azawakh
*;; Lagotto Romagnolo
*;; Mudi
*;; Stabyhoun
*;; Karelian Bear Dog
*;; Carolina Dog
*;; New Guinea Singing Dog
*;; Catalburun
*;; Fila Brasileiro
*;; Telomian
Domestic Felines;; All domestic felines are allowed, including hybrids and mutts of these breeds.
Top 10 Rare Cat Breeds:
*;; Peterbald
*;; Kurilian Bobtail
*;; Burmilla
*;; Serengeti
*;; Sokoke
*;; Ojos Azules
*;; Minskin
*;; Napoleon
*;; German Rex
*;; California Spangled
All breeds are allowed, including hybrids and mutts.
Top 11 Rare Horses:
*;; Ahal-Teke
*;; American Cream
*;; Caspian
*;; Cleveland Bay
*;; Colonial Spanish Strains (Bankers, Belskys, Cerbats, Choctaws, Florida Crackers, Carolina Marsh Tackies, New Mexicos, Pryors, Santa Cruzes, Sulphurs and Wilbur-Cruces)
*;; Hackney Horse
*;; Newfoundland Pony
*;; Shire
*;; Suffolk Punch
*;; Canadian
*;; Marwari
All breeds are allowed, including hybrids and mutts.

All breeds are allowed, including hybrids and mutts.

Endangered Animals;;
Here is a website with all the endangered animals. This is the list of the foreign endangered animals,
Foreign Endangered Species

This is where you can click on your own state or any other state of the US to see if there are any endangered species there.
Endangered at Home

Other then that or if someone points something out, this is what I have by far. Remember, those who are endangered, there will be a limit amount and it will be watched carefully.

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